Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Kind Critique

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Drawing & Art Appreciation
November & December 2015
The wonderful (and often infuriating) thing about art is its subjectivity.  It's all about perspective and interpretation.  The Treehouse students got their own crash course, as they were tasked with drawing upside-down and with their non-dominant hand, and asked to respond critically to works of art with their first impressions.  They also worked in partners on a drawing activity which had them giving verbal directions only on how to draw an image.  It was a great way to demonstrate how we can all be different and right at the same time.

As we continue throughout the year, they will receive more opportunities to practice "The Kind Critique" for works of art by strangers, familiar artists, their classmates, and even themselves.  We got really creative with our critiques by taking it outside and discussing our thoughts while on the run! These kiddos are also pretty amazing at adding some humour to the situation. :)

Quote from a 4th grader after being shown a particular painting:  "I think it might look good. . .in maybe the BACK of the museum?"

We had a little visit from The Grotto Ghost - or it could just be that our atomic clock reset itself. :)

More From the Art Room. . .

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Self-Portraits & Color Theory
September & October 2015
A great way to create a self portrait is do so with collage.  Each student used magazine cutouts and their own drawing expertise to fill their silhouettes as a way to show their interests and personality!  Can you guess who is who?

The Treehouse kiddos also practiced their understanding of color theory by painting some lovely primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, analogous, warm, and cool color stripes.  They also used this knowledge to make their own free art.


Meanwhile, in the Grotto!

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Tree Art
September & October 2015
The Treehouse kiddos have searched our campus high and low for their favorite tree.  They will be watching their tree change throughout the seasons, and recreating through different mediums.

In a sad turn of events, a wind storm knocked one of our trees down!  The 3rd graders took the opportunity to set up a memorial.  They used their artistic skills to decorate with what was left behind.  And stumbled upon a grand surprise in the end. . .

From Surface to Core and a Whole Lot More!

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Earth Layers and Geoguessr
September & October 2015
Third and fourth grades learned a lot about the 4 major layers of the earth.  We had some fun focusing on the surface of our planet by playing a great online research game called Geoguessr.  The game plops you down somewhere on earth (you can specify country or play special rounds) where you need to look for context clues to discover where you are!

Atmospheric Layers
October & November 2015
Working our way out from the core to the surface of our planet, we continued to climb up into the skies as we traveled through the 5 layers of the atmosphere - Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere.  A beautiful art project helped us make sense of the size and function of each wonderful layer.

Our Heads in the Clouds
November & December 2015
We have forayed into the wonderful world of weather.  First up was a water cycle acting exercise and some great cloud watching!  Some of the kids even got to head out to our woods (in the rain) to search for signs of the water cycle on our campus.  After our holiday break, we'll be getting up close and personal with weather as we learn how to use tools to record and find trends.